Turn-key Digital Learning Platform

Course Design Studio
Xenops is built as much for the creators as it is for the learners. The enhanced course design studio makes it easy for pretty much anyone to create and offer a course on Xenops.
Real-time Instructor Colab
Another set of enhancements in Xenops makes it easy to have real-time discourse with course instructors. Collaborate via text using integrated Slack or via video with Zoom.
Deep Learning Analytics
Track how the courses are performing, and get valuable insights into learner behaviour. Analysis and reports on content engagement, learning patterns, and assessment results, to improve your courses.
More than a typical cloud-hosted instance of Open edX, Xenops is a turnkey PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) solution that only asks you to do one thing: Add your courses to launch your new digital learning portal.

Xenops is based on Open edX, the same open source learning platform used by governments and some of the world’s best universities and learning organisations, e.g. MIT, Harvard, Microsoft, and now RMIT Online.

We have done all of the hard work to deliver a robust, secure platform, supporting rich interactive content, broad and deep analytics, e-commerce capabilities and more:

Whatever your learning mission may be, Xenops is here to support it. The days of kick-and-coast learning are long over, so we need modern tools that meet the demands of today and tomorrow.
Online Learning
Perfect for any enterprising venture looking to launch a short course learning portal like Udemy or ProTech. Compete head to head, or carve out your own niche market.
Online University
Universities can expand their reach by offering existing degrees to those unable to physically attend, or expand offerings through short-form courses geared toward micro-credentials.
Workplace Learning
Workplaces can now have their task of workforce knowledge management made much easier. Tools for staff certification maintenance, cross-skilling, and up-skilling.

Good for 1,000’s of Courses, for Tens of 1,000’s of Learners

Deploying Xenops provides a learning organization virtually limitless course possibilities

Self directed learning is the fastest growing trend in education. The more the work landscape changes, the more people are hungry for learning new things. Xenops is good for a large variety of course types:

Coding Courses

Learn to code almost any kind of language. From basic to expert.

Animal Care Courses

Learn to care for animals. Pet care demand is growing.

Design Courses

UI, UX, CX, are all hot topics. And it’s not just for the artistic types.

Analytics Courses

Every business is sitting on data they wish they were better at analyzing.

Food Preparation

Thanks to video based learning, you can learn from the masters.

Business Courses

Cottage industries are on the rise, learning how to business will make it successful.

Writing Courses

Maybe it’s time to write that novel, or maybe you want to just get better at blogging.

Video Courses

Video is the new audio, which was the new text. Point is, everyone wants good video.
….and the list goes on.
OK, so lets answer the other important question:

How much?

*Conditions Apply. Starting price includes basic tier hosting.
Here are the possible inclusions:


The first and all important piece. Track and communicate with active students and alumni.


Rich media content for visual learning. Supports analytics for video content consumption.


Learning progress and validation. On-line learning is on par with on-campus learning.


On-line payments and billing. Integrated with multiple gateways, accepts all cards and Apple Pay.

Mentor Access

Real time web sessions with mentors and tutors. Learning on-line does not mean learning without help.


Data, data, and reports. Get insights into learning trends and optimise your growth.


Materials related to course or module. Supports interactive modules and self assessment.


On-line assessment tools. Construct and conduct assessments tuned for real-time responses.

Mobile Access

Learn on any device. All of this, available from your smartphone and tablet. Never stop learning.
Xenops Breakout Session at Open edX 2018
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